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Sam Trocki and CeeLo Green's new single "Lost Children" is making waves in the music industry. The collaboration, released via ML1 Records, has already made its mark on the United Kingdom Official Charts by debuting at #48. This is a significant achievement for both artists, as it marks CeeLo Green's first Top 100 record in the UK in over five years, and his second highest charting song in nearly a decade. Moreover, it's a breakthrough for Sam Trocki as it's his first UK chart appearance - and it's certainly been a successful one. The single has also reached #1 on the iTunes UK Rock Charts and has received over 2 million streams worldwide.

"Lost Children" is a soulful and poignant single that highlights the struggles of young people in society today. The song's lyrics are a reflection of the current state of the world. CeeLo Green's distinctive voice pairs well with Sam Trocki's masterful instrumentation, resulting in a moving and powerful track. The song's success can be attributed to the combination of Trocki and Green's talents, as well as the song's resonant and timely message. "Lost Children" is a reminder of the importance of giving voice to the vulnerable and marginalized, and it's no surprise that the song has struck a chord with listeners worldwide.