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Sam Trocki

Sam Trocki | Singer / Songwriter / Producer

Sam Trocki is a singer, songwriter, producer and musician. Over the past two decades, Trocki has written smash hits and produced with some of the biggest names in music - all while developing his own unique sound unlike anything you've heard. He is an inventor, experimenting with sounds to create new hybrids of music. Trocki plays six instruments, including the drums, guitar, bass and piano. Trocki has also been credited for the development of one of the hottest producers in music today: 2X Grammy-winner Benny Blanco (27 Billboard #1 hits).

With his "Bye Polar" album (2016), Trocki effectively obliterated any genre boundaries that still existed. It's by far his most daring album to date, pushing bold and clever lyrics with space-age production into melodic electronic territory. It's also his first concept album and surprisingly the storyline flows instead of rambles; a feat considering the subject matter is comprised of alien abductions and space escapades. Sam quickly brings me back to earth and explains what the album is really about.

"Bye Polar is about standing up for what you believe in," Trocki says. "It's about trying to make the best out of any bad situation that life throws your way."

Co-produced by Trocki and Benny Blanco, the "Kiss Your Chain" EP (2017) induces a feeling of danger and excitement with arrangements that feel raw - sometimes even incomplete by current music standards. Yet none of this is the product of indifference or fuzzy thinking. The record is expertly crafted and would never be confused with generic radio-ready pop-rock tunes.

After being selected as a TIDAL Rising Artist in February 2017 and receiving a coveted homepage feature on TIDAL, Trocki officially released a collaboration with Yelawolf as a Spotify exclusive. The single "Louder" garnered over 30 million plays on YouTube & Facebook and peaked at #8 on the Spotify Viral 50 Charts in Canada.

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